We wear a lot of white at the Studio. Sometimes we forget, and we sit down on a dirty bench, we eat Chipotle, and we end up regretting it. (Damn burritos).

So, we’re still perfecting it, but here are some of our tips/guidelines/rules for working it in white…

1. Choosing underwear wisely. No matter how cute they are, this is not the time to show them off. Wear something close to your skin tone.

2. White leggings are not the same as white pants. Avoid them.

3. Be careful where you sit. They will get dirty (be on extra look out for wet paint signs). Or sit your ass anywhere like you just don’t care – this is what G does on shoots. (I know, she’s brave). Her motto: When they’re dirty, wash them! (Duh.)

4. If you do spill, embrace it. Keep spilling. Jackson Pollock them.

5. Be somewhat careful about when eating. Avoid things like spaghetti, hot dogs, kool-aid… or stay very very close to the table. If we must have a hot dog, we always ask for for extra napkins to cover your lap. Ignore the looks of your friends.

6. White jeans? Don’t use a chlorine bleach. It will yellow the denim over time. Yes, this is the one crazy rule lost in the middle of very serious rules.

7. We don’t care about wearing white after labor day. Yes, a rule to break another rule.

8. Watch the spandex factor. Emily buys her pants a size bigger, because tight white pants are FMO (for models only).

9. Try your pants on in natural lighting. It’s the only way we know how see through they really are…or aren’t… ?