I love the dress Janice is wearing — it’s so chic.

That same day, which was the first really hot day we’ve had in New York (Yeeesss, so cool!!!)(Ugh, too hot!!!), I was wearing shorts and a top that were…well, kind of sexy, I guess.
Not as sexy as Janice’s dress, but sexy enough to feel like I was having a little effect as I was walking down the street.

It wasn’t unpleasant :)

I have to say that in New York, you can really dress however you like — no one says anything. It’s rare to be whistled at, and even more rare to hear catcalls, which I dreaded all the time when I lived in the South of France.

It should be up to us to decide how sexy we want to be, right?

What is it like where you live? Do you feel free to wear whatever you want? Do you like to wear tight-fitting clothes?

PS: Janice’s dress is T by Alexander Wang.

Translated by Andrea Perdue.