They say April showers bring May flowers… I really hope it’s true.

It’s full blown rain boot season here in NYC (there is rain on the forecast every day this week– it’s painful after being teased with sandal weather just a few weeks ago), which means that we have a serious line of up them next to the door here at the Studio. Brie wears a cool, short white pair she got at Pearl River, Garance has that short black pair from Loeffler Randall, Emily has a classic Hunter and I rotate between a tall croc embossed pair and the same Loeffler pair as Garance. I like to think of myself as a little bit of a “rain boot pro” after four rainy springs commuting in them. So here, my rain boot wearing tips!

– Always bring an extra pair of shoes along during the day. No matter how discreet or chic your rain boot might be, the day you plan to wear them all day long is the day you’ll meet Beyoncé.

– Go for simple. If you insist on wearing them all day, go with something simple. Don’t get carried away with prints or embellishments. The simpler, the chicer when it comes to rain boots.

– Wear socks. I made this rookie mistake a few weeks in to my first job in New York. I wore my rain boots without socks and they got stuck on my feet. My boss had to help me pull them off. In the moment, I was totally mortified. Wear socks, avoid embarrassment.

– Don’t be afraid of a little wear and tear. They are boots made for being outside, after all! At the same time, that giant clump of mud stuck on the back from the last time you were at Glastonbury? It’s okay to wipe that off.

Now tell me all of your secrets to success in rain boots!