Today, I would like to share a video with you that I made for L’Oréal Paris. I’m super happy with it.

The L’Oréal Paris team called me a few months ago to talk about Mousse Absolue, and when I told them it was a product I was already using, they couldn’t believe it – It hasn’t even come out yet in the US!

True, but it’s already been out in France for a year, and since I’m not the kind who likes to spend hours at the salon, I rushed to try it right away — and loved it.

Of course, it’s a lot easier to do something fun and creative with a product you love. I wanted to show you my way of coloring my hair, and I got the idea to do it with polaroids. So I called my friend Matt, who we’ve worked with in the past, and we spent a whole day in a dreamy loft* taking millions of polaroids (around 400 — we have mountains of them in the studio!!!)

The next day, we put it all together on film at the studio with these gorgeous hands** and here are the results!!!

I hope you like it :)

PS: The funny thing is, in France, we’re all super used to coloring our own hair, right?

I have tons of memories of doing it with friends (some turned out better than others, as you can imagine!)

Well, in the US, it’s really rare to do it yourself. People here typically have a professional do their beauty things for them. I think that’s a good thing, but I admit it’s hard to find the time for your manicure, your waxing appointment, your hair color appointment, and so on.

Plus, you have to have room for all of that in your budget!!!

So, I actually do a lot of those things myself. My nails, waxing, hair color, and probably lots of other things that seem so obvious to me that I don’t even think about them. It’s just the way I learned !

Do you prefer to go to a salon or do you like to do it all at home?


* Not my loft, unfortunately.
** Not my hands, unfortunately.
*** Right, because I’m worth it!!! Ok, I’m far from being a L’Oréal Paris ambassador, but I’m telling you, that’s kind of a moment ;)

Translated by Andrea Perdue.