But but but… a Coca-Cola sweatshirt!??

What is this? Trendy, ironic, cooler than cool or way too much?

Ok, first of all, I have to tell you: I’m a fan of sweatshirts. I wear them pretty often, and right now I even prefer to them to wool sweaters. I like the way they look, I like their cool side, and my favorite is by Isabel Marant for H&M. I put it on every time it comes out of the machine, and I wear it until it’s time to wash it again (we all have clothes like that, right?) I like really simple sweatshirts, but I also like ones with inscriptions — preferably vintage, even though I’ve also seen some new ones that caught my eye…

But…a Coke sweatshirt, really? Where did that come from?

Well, I really don’t know. I mean, I know! I know where the idea came from — it’s from the amazing Marc Jacobs collection that came out this summer, and frankly I want to buy it all — even the sweatshirt with the reclaimed Coca-Cola logo on it.
The thing is, if it’s Marc, we all know it’s ironic — he’s making it his own, making a statement about our society. That’s what he’s always done, and I love him for it.
Seeing his show really makes you understand his vision. It was like the girls had come out of a storm, wearing whatever they had found in the wreckage… It was sad and poetic and beautiful.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 Photo

But this sweatshirt isn’t Marc’s. It’s from Topshop. I don’t doubt they were inspired by the idea and decided to take it even further. Keisha was wearing it the other day at the Studio, and I thought it was a really fun piece. A little ironic, a little iconic. You know what — I actually think I like it.

What do you think?

Translated by Andrea Perdue.