The thing I heard the most this weekend during our Open Studio was from readers who came over to say: “I’ve been following your blog for years, it’s so great to see how it’s evolving…!” and nothing could make me happier than feeling that empathy.

It’s fantastic, because it always reminds me of how I started — not even talking about it, being almost a little embarrassed to have the audacity to imagine that I could have a blog, or that I had this micro dream of doing something of my own.
Back then, I didn’t tell anyone about it — only my three closest friends, actually.

In a matter of two weeks, we launched our newsletter, a new version of our store, and our first Open Studio all at once. To be honest, we hadn’t realized that everything would fall at the same time. These were all just dreams we’d had for a long time that finally came to life at the same moment.

We couldn’t be happier with the results.
The newsletter has been well received and you’ve sent us tons of emails telling us how much you liked it. The first special event related to the newsletter was just as cool and intimate as I had imagined* (sending kisses to the readers who came to breakfast on Friday and vive Prêt-à-Manger croissants! ;) — As for Garance Doré Goods and the Open Studio, oh la la… I’ll have to write an entire post all about it because this weekend surpassed everything I had hoped for it, to the point that at this very moment (that is — Sunday at 1:46, just after spending the morning taking down the Open Studio) I still haven’t completely come down from it.

That’s how things are going for us as we grow.

I dream (or rather — we dream, since I’m not alone anymore and we totally love dreaming things up together, my team and I) and we work like crazy until we bump into the limits of our imagination. And when that happens, that just means it’s time to dream up something new.

Some people talk about creative visualization — it might be kind of like that.

It seems natural to me now. And obviously, it’s easier now to say things now like: “What if we set up a pop-up space where everyone would be welcome to come see the collection, meet the team, and participate in conferences and workshops with us? And get Tattly tattoos! And we could serve Ladurée macaroons! And share my favorite coffee! And invite the amazing Nicolas!!! And Lola! And, and, and…” than it was when I started and nobody knew me.
But in other ways, it’s still the same process. It all starts with a dream.

Because if we don’t let ourselves dream, that’s when life puts up a series of walls, impossibilities, and maybe later in another life.

Dreams carry us over those walls. They make us see new paths — things that maybe no one else had ever imagined before.
When I started, I never could have imagined that all of this was possible, myself!

That’s why nothing makes me happier than your enthusiasm for how the blog is evolving. I figure that if my blog, besides talking about style (and everything else on our minds), can give you ideas, encouragement, and a little bit of the audacity to believe in yourself, then that truly is a dream.

Big kisses! And have a great start to your week! :)


*It was great — we were all sitting around the table together, we got to chat and eat croissants, and I met, among others — my new Pilates teacher, one of our readers who does digital marketing and who is going to come give us a lesson at the Studio, and another reader who is a director and who might come help us on the next episodes of Pardon My French! I knew my readers were cool!!!

PS: In the photo — a Tattly temporary tattoo.

Translated by Andrea Perdue