I’m here today to alleviate your fear of face oils. (If you don’t have a fear, you can still read this, of course.)

When I talk about face oils (which I do…often), so many of my friends look at me like I’m totally crazy. Why would you put an oil on your face? What good could possibly come from that? It’s oil! The last thing you want is an oily face.

Take a deep breath, face oil is your friend! I’m your friend! We are all friends!

First, it’s not going to make your skin oiler, if anything it’s going to help balance your natural oil production (trust me, I know oily skin). If you have extra dry skin, oils are great for added moisture. And depending on which you are using, they can brighten your complexion (Tatcha’s Camellia Face Oil) and help fight wrinkles (Sunday Riley’s Isis Face Oil). What’s not to like about that?
(I’d be lying if I said that there were some I didn’t love purely because they smell so heavenly– I’m looking at you By Terry Huile de Rose…)

So now that you know the benefits (stop being so scared!), I took it upon myself to break down face oil usage into three levels. From beginner to expert, here’s what you can do…

1. The Beginner: Don’t worry, I’ll start you off easy. Try an oilless oil like this one with squalene (sounds scary, but it’s derived from sugarcane) from Peter Thomas Roth. Apply it at night after cleansing and after your serum (applying the oil before the serum adds an extra barrier for the serum to penetrate and that’s no fun for the serum). Pat it in gently or rub gently in circles (give yourself a mini face massage, it’s your first time trying oil, you deserve it!). You never need more than two or three drops, start small…

2. The Intermediate: Try a face oil for day (L’Oréal’s Glow Renewal) and blend it in your hands with your moisturizer (again, after any serum). This mix is great for hydration and giving you a little extra glow during the day (what’s up, Gisele?). Start out with just one drop mixed in, especially if you are a liquid foundation user (baby steps, see what works for you). Alternate with using an oil at night. Once you’ve mastered the day time oil, you graduate to expert status. Congrats!

3. The Expert: Welcome to the club! At this point, you probably have a separate oil for morning, for night AND for body (if you haven’t tried a body oil yet, now is the time, you’re an expert after all!). [Body Oil Disclaimer: Apply on slightly damp skin and it will soak in beautifully. Apply it to dry skin and you might end up a little slippery…] Don’t be afraid to trade in your moisturizer for face oil completely (three drops or less) during the day. If you are looking for a little something extra, pat a little on your cheeks after makeup for a dewy, glow.

Let me know how it goes, okay?

More favorites? You’re in luck, I have a ton: Beauty Oil, RMS; Lotus Face Oil, Clarins; 03 Face Oil, Dr. Jackson’s Natural Products; Olio Lusso, Rodin; Absolute Face Oil, Zelens; Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster, One Love Organics; 8-Flower Nectar Oil Elixir, Darphin.