What do you think about the jeans in this photo?

Could be better, right? Even so, I love this outfit. The cape, the shirt, even the color and fit of the jeans (skinny but a little slouchy – there’s an art to it) – the whole ensemble totally inspires me. But when you take a closer look, don’t you think the zipper is a little too short? Isn’t the stone wash a little too exaggerated? Isn’t the double pocket detail a bit too much?

Am I going too far? You tell me.

Anyway, you’ve probably figured out by now, I’m a little crazy when it comes to jeans. And I’m the one who used to love buying jeans at Zara, closing my eyes to any of the little details that I was not crazy about. But I ended up getting tired of the pockets being too small, the slightly dubious inscriptions, and the weird mustache lines (you know – the faded creases right at crotch level!).

But even so, I never became a purist. The 501 jean material, for example, is way too thick for me. I like thin and stretchy jeans – not pure at all ;)

So white jeans are usually my fall back (it’s hard to mess up the color). I like MiH, Mother, Current Elliott, etc. And I don’t wear blue jeans. But actually, with spring arriving, I kind of feel like expanding my jean options…

What do you think? What are you like when it comes to jeans – super purist or are you more relaxed about them? Do you have any tips for me?

Translated by Andrea Perdue.