I have the wrong personality for colorful hair.

I’m not searching for a compliment here, I’m just being real with you (although if you feel like telling me that I’m beautiful no matter what color my hair is and that I have a great personality, you can leave it in the comments).

Deep, deep, deep, down I know I could never pull it off. Why you ask? Well, let me tell you…

– I started by asking myself WWEAD? And of course, I was like no.

– I’m not a rebel. Green hair, pink hair, blue hair, it all feels really rebellious. I never got a speeding ticket, I never missed curfew, I call my mom everyday. That’s not to say that these girls don’t call their moms, but it has this slightly rebellious undertone that I just can’t own.

– I often trip while walking. I broke my toe walking in my own apartment (and then I had to wear a velcro boot backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show). I don’t think I need anything additional drawing attention to me. And you know that if you have My Little Pony hair, heads will turn. And no one wants to be the girl with My Little Pony hair that trips over herself.

– My wardrobe includes a lot of black. And I feel like if I wear a lot of black and have say, bright red hair, I will look like a) Jean Grey from X-Men or b) a reject from Good Charlotte. I think colorful hair would require a serious wardrobe revamping. Elisa and Preetma have THE wardrobes for that (aka a fun wardrobe). If they let me raid their closets, I might be more likely to reconsider…

Preetma Singh Green Hair Photo

– I also really like things to match. I spend too much time thinking about how the zipper on my boots will go with my knuckle rings. So even if I got rid of all the black in my wardrobe, I’d end up being the girl with pink hair, pink lipstick, a pink dress, pink shoes, pink nails and a pink clutch. I’d look like a crayon. (Except Elisa, she makes the matching look really, really good here…)

– I’m just straight up not cool enough. Just like I’m not cool enough for: colored fur, ear cuffs, socks and heels, and most pieces from Isabel Marant (although I mean, I wish).

Kate Foley Pink Hair Photo

While I remain deeply envious of Kate’s flowing pink strands, Preetma’s green locks and Elisa’s navy chop, I have to remind myself that it’s just not me.

What do you think of this colorful hair trend? Are you going for it? Does it fit you?