I’m the girl who wants to buy a coat in October, when it starts to get cold, and a pair of sandals in May, when it gets warm and I want to show off my new pedi.

Well, no. If you follow the fashion calendar, you should buy your coat in August, when you’re laying like a dead bug on the beach, and your sandals now, in February, when the only thing the weather allows are duck boots (total exaggeration, I’m in Paris right now and it’s literaly spring, but you see what I mean).

After much complaining and shopping fails, “Sorry what? That Stella mini skirt? We’ve sold out in March, of course !!!” and hating on the system (haters gonna hate, it doesn’t change anything) I’ve decided to get better and spot the things I will want a few months before I actually want to wear them.

And I’ve decided to share them with you, too. I’m calling it Now Or Never. Because, ya know, fashion is always better when it sounds dramatic.

Now, or Never #1: Those amazing Chloé slides.

May or may not buy, but definitely going to check the (beautiful, amazing) Paris store tomorrow to make up my mind. Do you say go?