I’m so excited to finally be able to tell you about this project!!!
Because because because…

…Today I’m launching my brand!!!

I alluded to it a few times on Instagram, but this is the day I can finally show and tell you everything!

I’ve always, always spent a crazy amount of time in paper stores. I love notebooks, greeting cards, calendars (but you already know that if you’ve been following my blog for awhile!) and I always dreamed of being able to launch my own line one day. Even before I started my blog, this was one of my dreams.

But I wasn’t ready. I wanted to find the right partner, I never had the time, I didn’t want to jump into it blindly, or do something that would fizzle out quickly, or only last for one collaboration and a couple photos on Instagram. I wanted to find a partner, someone who knew how to make beautiful products. I wanted something real and durable.

Because it had always been such a thing for me, I wanted to make it really right.

I had met a few stationery editors, but nothing really clicked.

Until the day I discovered Rifle.

Their notebooks, with the most beautiful paper and amazing illustrations, their phone cases, their greeting cards — when I discovered them at Anthropologie, I literaly bought everything.

Rifle Paper Co. Photo

On the printing press!

I also felt it could be a good idea to contact them.

We were the ones who called them. Actually, we sent them an email saying I really wanted to create a Garance Doré line, and would that be something they’d like to do with me?

A few minutes later, Anna and Nathan, the two founders of Rifle answered: “Yes!”

There’s nothing cooler than finding out that behind a product you like are people that you like even more. I knew we’d found the ideal partner.

Rifle is based in Florida, where they have the coolest studios – and a great shop in Winter Park. All their products are of impeccable quality and taste. On top of it all, they’re young and very dedicated. I’m a fan.

So, all of that was back in September.

Anna Bond Garance Dore Photo

Anna and I working on designs at the Rifle Paper Co. Studios in Winter Park, Florida.

And now, after months of work with Anna, the super talented artistic director (she’s the one who does all of the Rifle illustrations – by hand!), for me, and a lot of detail work for Emily, my first collection is finally here!

It’s an emotional moment for me, from online back to paper, such a traditional and intimate way to communicate.

And because it was made with so much love :)

Here’s a first look at the collection, which will be in stores in March – we’ll also have it in our store, of course, but I’ll give you a complete list of the shops (all over the world!) who will be selling our products.


My stand at the New York Now fair.

And for those of you in Paris, I feel so incredibly lucky to be launching the collection at Colette, the one and only, on Saturday, March 1st from 3-5pm!
Anna and Nathan will be there, and it’s open to everyone, so come have a drink with us!!!

Big kisses to all of you and I can’t wait to see what you think!!

For wholesale orders e-mail garancedore@riflepaperco.com!
Translation by Andrea Perdue