This is me (from behind) at the Beckham show.

Ok, ok – it’s not me, but I love this outfit.

The other day, I told you about my experience watching Fashion Week on live stream and all things, but if there’s one thing I miss when I watch shows online, it’s the viewing angles.

This look, for example, look number 28 (yep, *fashion teaching moment* that’s what we say in fashion – we refer to the looks by number) caught my eye. Even if it’s the big skirt that appealed to me most, it wasn’t until I saw the back that I totally fell in love.

Is there anything more beautiful than a plunging, open back? WITH A CHAIN? I can even picture it looking great, in real life, with a shirt underneath – less sexy, but just as cool.

Or on an evening to play all fire under ice – it’s the kind of thing that would make anyone fall head over heels for you, I say.

(And for those of you who, like me, hate to go out without a bra, you have to find an adhesive solution – which might complicate things once you’ve knocked ’em to the ground with how beautiful you are…BUT I’M GETTING OFF TOPIC)

PS: Obviously, we can’t talk about backs without showing a photo of Mireille Darc, of course.
Alright, here you go, you’ve earned it.

Mireille Darc Photo

Vive le back, right?

Translation by Andrea Perdue.