I was sitting at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show yesterday, waiting for it to start, when suddenly I see Marc Jacobs arrive (in red Adidas track pants and Stan Smiths – a fashion statement all to himself) and sit down in the front row. Huh?

I mean, I knew there would be some new things in the Marc Jacobs arena. I had read his interview in W, where I learned the following things:

– Now that the Vuitton adventure has ended, Marc has finally found the time to dedicate himself to his brand.
– He’s never liked the name Marc by Marc Jacobs (is that what pushed him to create that deliciously ironic logo?) and he’s most likely going to change it very soon.
– His Rio vacation (where we all learned about his new tattoos) was actually disastrous– I’ll let you do your own Googling.
– The reason he changed photographers for his campaign (Juergen Teller had been shooting Marc’s fashion campaigns since 1998) was because Juergen didn’t want to do a shoot with Miley Cyrus. So David Sims was the one who photographed Miley.
– He smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, and in spite of it all, he’s got perfectly white teeth.
– He’s thinking about showing Marc Jacobs (the main line) in Paris.
– He’s about to open a superstore in New York with all his brands (yaaay!!)
– He has the same dog as Serge Gainsbourg (a bull terrier). His dog’s name is Neville (Gainsbourg’s was named Nana).
– He made Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier the artistic directors for Marc by Marc (his diffusion line).

Lots to take in, eh?

It’s interesting, and it just goes to show that no matter what we’re made to think – even if you’re a genius (And yes, I believe Marc is one of the fashion geniuses!), nobody has infinite reserves of energy, time and inspiration.

I like that kind of sincerity, even if it means that the Marc Jacobs (the brand) lover has to swallow the pill of hearing a designer say, “Well, sorry, I wasn’t really present there for a few years, but now I’m ready to come back strong! Oh, and I never really liked that name, actually, we just picked it because we couldn’t think of anything better, but don’t worry, we’re going to change it!”

I also liked the sincerity of seeing Marc sitting in the audience, giving full credit to Luella and Katie for the collection. It was great to see them come over to say hi to him afterward, too.

It was a great show – full of styling ideas and key pieces. Plus, it brought a really refreshing energy to New York Fashion Week, which has been a bit slow (and terribly cold !) little bit these past few days. I’ll let you look at the photos, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

And a few seconds later, I learned that the new name of the brand had been announced – it would be MBMJ.

Welcome back Marc by Marc by Marc by Marc by Marc by Marc!!!

Did you like the collection ?

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Translated by Andrea Perdue.