Mccallan, our model friend, stopped by the studio right after the Prabal show (Yes, in case you didn’t notice – Living under a rock much? Lucky you. -it’s fashion week here in New York) to give us an up close look at the necklace she wore for the show.

It’s funny how the way we wear jewelry has changed in the last few years – designers have become super inventive, sometimes for the not-so-good (not a fan of the hand bracelet or the giant earcuff that looks like Lady Gaga’s closet just exploded in your ear) and sometimes for the best (knuckle rings! Moderate earcuffs!).

I feel like everyday a new jeweltitude pops up and I do love that.

So here, it’s a pretty simple statement from the front and side, but I love how it bold it looks from the back. It is almost enough to make me want long hair again….

What do you think? Do you like to play with jewels or do you prefer to stay classic?

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