“Morning: I wash my face with Earth Science, you can get it at Whole Foods. I use Alba Hawaiian moisturizer. With makeup, I use Bare Minerals and a little bit of bronzer. Some eyeliner and mascara. I like a thicker mascara, I like it to be noticeable. Even though I cover my eyebrows [with my hair], I like the NARS Brow Gel.

My hair wasn’t green yesterday. I went with my friend Pamela [Love]. Nothing is natural on this head, I have naturally ash blonde hair.

Day: I always carry Chapstick.

Night: I do my same routine at night that I do in the morning. I always wash my face. I think that the biggest beauty secret is drinking a lot of water, that’s my thing.”

– Langley Fox Hemingway, February 3, 2014, NYC.

Clairfying Face Wash, Earth Science Naturals; Oil-Free Moisturizer, Alba Hawaiian; Makeup, Bare Minerals; Brow Gel, NARS; Lip balm, Chapstick.