Before we jump head first into Fashion Week that’s just starting, I wanted to talk to you today about a huge crush I had this week…

A lot of you have asked me how I work on my photos and illustrations, and the reason I sometimes hesitate to answer is because I don’t really have any particular technique. I draw on my computer with a tablet, but sometimes I add (real) paint. Sometimes I get my inspiration from photos, and sometimes it’s just something out of my head. It doesn’t make a difference to me if I work digitally or directly on paper. The important thing is just to create an image I’m happy with.

The same goes for photos. Even if I take most of them with my 5D, I love my phone cameras, and I have a lot of other smaller cameras too. The important thing is to simply make sure I always have a camera with me, whatever type it is.
In short – no rules.

It might be because I didn’t go to art school, but I don’t consider any medium to be more noble than any other.

I would still like to start painting again one day – I love the sensuality of working with paint.

Yes, I love to paint. When I first started out, I did all of my illustrations with acrylic paint and watercolor, which is one of my favorite paints. I loved painting on canvas.

Oh, and as far as writing goes, (people often ask me where they can download my fonts) – they are mostly done by hand, using my tablet. Sometimes I do them on paper and scan them.

Anyway. This week, I discovered the most incredible app – Waterlogue.

Look at this watercolor, isn’t it amazing? It was done automatically, right before my eyes, with Waterlogue. I have no idea which geniuses calculated the effects of watercolor with such precision, but I have to admit, as someone who has spent hours doing watercolors, I am shocked by how beautiful it is.

So, the watercolor above was simply generated from a photo I took, and I wrote the title on my iPad, using Sketches – an app I downloaded recently that isn’t too bad at all.

I know a lot of you will say that nothing can beat art made by hand, but this app is so good, it’s frankly unsettling – and I plan to use it in my future graphic explorations.

These days, anyone can create gorgeous images, and for those of you who ask me how to find the path to your creativity, I encourage you to try all of the tools available to you. It doesn’t matter what instruments you use, it’s what you do with them that counts!

Then let life decide who is an artist or not. Personally, I’ve never let myself be bothered by that word – it’s way too intimidating – I never would have created anything if I had been worried about that.

Big kisses to all of you, and I hope you have a weekend full of painting and creativity, whether it’s digital or not, real or dreamed!

PS: These shoes are by Bionda Castana!