Ok, it’s only been a week, but I love, loooove not working at home.
Yep, the thing I was so worried about for so long – the subway-work-sleep lifestyle – I actually love it.

I get up early, poke around for a few minutes on Pinterest while I have my coffee and toast, then I tell myself I should go for a jog, then “I forget,” and finally I hop in the shower, and then comes the part, on the other hand, that…


I hate when it’s time to “choose an outfit for the day.”

Because the cool thing about working at home is that you can change as many times as you want during the day. An important meeting? Throw on a pair of heels. A photo shoot? Throw on some jeans and flats. Lunch uptown? Time to do my hair (nah, just kidding, they’re not THAT into hair uptown)(Ok, maybe a little). Anyway, you see what I mean.

But now I have to plan for the whole day in the morning.

Just imagine me half awake, still dripping wet, getting out of the shower to go over and get my phone so I can check my schedule. It’s very chic, very organized, very me.

Yesterday, for example, I had to take all of these factors into consideration:

#1 = Tons of sticky, horrible snow. I had to go out in the nasty snow with my laptop and my entire “traveling office”, something I totally used to brag about (yeah, I don’t need an office, you know, I’m a free spirit), but I’m starting to get really sick of it now, and it’s definitely time for my desktop computer to get here.
#2 = Photo shoot outside (coooooold) and inside (hoooooot)
#3 = Appointments for a few interviews
#4 = Yoga
#5 = A professional meeting over drinks


Since I was desperate, I put on:

A white blouse and gray skinny jeans (goes with everything)
A pair of kind of crappy tennis shoes (snow day = snow + salt on the ground = guaranteed to destroy any pair of shoes) that weren’t too thick or too thin so I could go from one thing to the next without looking like a fur trapper with my duck boots
A huge scarf, aka, a blanket
A peacoat
A hat to brave the snow

I brought a pair of simple, black heels along with me in my big traveling-office bag, plus a little purse with the essentials: money, keys, phone, lipstick.
And, of course, I totally forgot my yoga clothes (so weird!)

For about three seconds, while I was waiting for the elevator, I actually felt super clever and organized, like the girl who’s got it all together.

Three minutes later, I was carrying way too many bags under a deluge of slush, cursing myself for not wearing my duck boots and for listening to Scott, who said I “probably wouldn’t need an umbrella,” and with my tennis shoes in a big puddle of melted snow that I hadn’t seen – it was the worst – everything was totally drenched, even my computer, my F*#@ing traveling office, even the gorgeous purse that I’d just bought, and I had to run all the way to the subway.

I finally arrived at the Studio, where I put on my heels because my tennis shoes needed to dry, and after about an hour, I ended up in my socks, of course, because wearing heels in the Studio, well, it’s just way too formal.

A little later, I ended up going to all my appointments with two bags like a bag lady (one for my heels, the other for my soaking wet snow shoes) because even jumping into an Uber in this weather was way too much to do in heels.

Obviously, I didn’t go to yoga, hahahahha lol lol lol heh heh.

When I got to my pro apéritif, I was pretty decrepit; my make up had already started melting in the snow at 8AM. Please don’t even try to imagine what I looked like by 7PM. I tried to pull myself together by putting lipstick on my cheeks and lips, “French style” *

*But this won’t be a problem anymore once we’ve installed our beauty closet, hehe. There are a few advantages to working in fashion!!!


And next week is Fashion Week. It’s going to be total outfit schizophrenia.
Don’t worry if you see me in a skirt with no tights, a summer jacket and moon boots on a super windy day.


I’m slowly learning all the things I’d missed out on over the years.


Ok, so anyway…EVEN if I realize that not every day is a huge snowstorm, you could just as easily replace the snow with a really hot day, or a rainy day, or a freezing cold day, since New York is always under attack by some kind of crazy weather.

So, my question for you is:

#1 Do I need to have a second wardrobe at the Studio (I think so)
#2 Do you get more organized over time? (I hope so)
#3 What do you do? Do you check the weather before you get dressed? (Which app?)
#4 Will I ever manage to go to yoga from the Studio? (Never)
#5 What do you do when you have an unexpected outing after work?
(You just go in normal clothes and put on a little lipstick, and that’s enough, right? Reassure me. You don’t need three bags, do you?)(Nobody makes a big deal about it, do they?)