In honor of “nude week,” I decided to explore the au naturel, bare beauty trend that we keep seeing more and more of. I wanted to know, does it really exist and what does it take to get it right?

After conducting some really, really serious research, I found that it ranges from a super natural look (you don’t notice anything at all) to slightly made up (you can notice it, but it’s not going to look like that 6-year-old you babysit gave you a makeover). When it comes to doing nude makeup, it’s all about enhancing your best features.

So I decided to take test out this theory and asked three friends of the blog to come over to the studio and give their faces to Tatyana, a makeup artist who knows how to make everyone look their best (and is also full of some serious beauty tips, which I promise I won’t keep to myself for long).

When we started, I kept asking Tatyana all of these general questions like “Okay what color foundation should a girl with her same skin tone wear?” and “What always works for fair skin?” And what she told me is that it is totally different for everyone. I know, you were hoping for (believe me, I was too) a bunch of super specific answers, but hey, its my job to tell you the truth and here it is.

There isn’t a universal shade of foundation for dark skin or a go to concealer for olive skin or the one perfect blush for fair (and there are definitely way more skin tones than those three). Perfecting the skin is the one of the most important steps. You want to find the right moisturizer, the right color and the right texture. The key is to try everything. Isn’t it always?

So here are Inga, Yara and Lauren (Note: there is absolutely no photoshop on any of these pictures!) (Note from G: just great light and Garance genius!) (Note from G #2: okay, and natural beauty and makeup artist genius) showing their best natural beauty looks and a few tips to get you on your way!

– Use a warmer foundation and skip the bronzer
– Blush should match the natural color of your lips
– Choose a brown mascara with blonde hair
(Inga is wearing foundation, blush, Dior Addict Lip Glow, brown mascara and a brown cream shadow).

– Pick a lip color that matches the fullest part of your lips
– Use black liner on the insider corner of your eyes
– Keep skin luminous with bronzer on your cheeks and lids
(Lauren is wearing foundation, Diorskin Nude bronzer, NARS The Multiple in Laguna and St. Barts, black eyeliner, brown eyeliner, black mascara and lip stain.)

– Keep the middle of your face light when contouring
– Apply mascara heavier at the roots
– Olive skin: use a rosy foundation
(Yara is wearing foundation, bronzer, black mascara and Lucas Pawpaw Ointment on lips.)

Makeup by Tatyana Makarova.