When we said we’d be talking about the color “nude”* this week, it was because we’ve been seeing a whole new spectrum of colors this season that are redefining the word “nude”.

It’s a word that’s kind of thrown around and often used incorrectly – so often in fact, that if you type “nude” in Google, you find yourself confronted with an endless series of naked people (no, don’t try it, I’ve already checked for you and MY EYES ARE STILL CRYING!!!) and when you try on Pinterest, you end up with an endless series of pinkish, peach-toned photos…

And then recently, Christian Louboutin came out with a nude collection in five different colors, and I thought it was very chic.

He calls it “shades of nude.”**
That’s how it should be, don’t you think?

I hope this kind of detail is a sign that the fashion industry is evolving and making us more aware – that’s what fashion needs. That’s what we all need – me as much as the next person.


* The French equivalent is chair (flesh tone), but the word nude is used all the time in French fashion ;)

** I agree, there could have been millions of shades, since there are so many different colors of skin, but at least five is better than one!