And here is Megan’s first post – she will talk to us about love and here, she’s introducing herself to you… Have a great day! G

Hello new friends!

What’s that sarcastic saying? It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it? That’s how I feel, having been joyously tasked with relaying my adventures — and, let’s face it, misadventures — in dating and sex to you. It’s a scary world out there, with overgrown man-children, the wandering-eye commitment phobic (or is that me?) and friends all around us, once so willing to get an impromptu cocktail after work, now dropping off the face of the Earth when their left hands get weighed down with an engagement ring.

Through my stumbles on this bumpy road to love — oftentimes hilarious, sometimes ouch, my heart hurts — I hope you can laugh and cry along, whether through moments of “Hey, my ex was [insert awful adjective] too!” or “What the hell is this girl thinking?”

For instance, Topic #1: the aforementioned man-child. Gives me shivers just to mention it. I once lucked out into dating a nice, sweet, seemingly (and scarily) perfect guy, the type moms gush over and friends secretly crush on and you mildly resent for being a better person than you are. The same nice, sweet guy accidentally texted me around lunchtime one average day asking, “Hey Mom, could you make me a sandwich?”

Yikes. There was something pitiful about a man, one who wanted to take me on dates and bring me home for holidays, needing his mother to assemble meat on bread for him. Suddenly more of his man-child behaviors became apparent and I couldn’t take him seriously as someone who’d treat me like a lady instead of a girl. All my Darwinism instincts screamed, “Run!”

While I admittedly love dating (what’s not to like about dinner and one too many glasses of Sancerre and hearing a man’s stories for the first time?), I’m the first to concede that there’s much I don’t know. Or worse, knowing and still ending up cuddling up with Netflix at the end of the night. And that’s where I hope you’ll come in, wagging your finger at me when you disagree or nodding along when you can relate.

So read along with me, won’t you? We have a lot to discuss.


[In the photo: Wallet, Saint Laurent; Eyeglasses, Prada; Roll-on Perfume, Chloé; Jungle Red Lipstick, NARS; Pen, Catbird.]