The tuxedo is making a come back lately (did it ever really go out of style?) and, as you might guess, I’m so, totally for it!

I photographed Jana in her Pallas suit on the very same day that the incredible Diane Keaton was teaching us all a tuxedo and gray hair lesson, looking sublime at the Golden Globes… It’s going to be hard to go back to frou-frou dresses after that, don’t you think?

Jana Wirth Photo

Anyway, I’m getting off topic.

Pallas, maybe you know that brand, is one of my new favorites. It’s a French brand that actually dates back to 1961, and they’ve just relaunched it. They only make tuxedos, and they use the most gorgeous cuts and materials.

Each suit is handmade – they’re basically couture, and I’ve been wanting to tell you about them for a really long time, because that’s probably going to be one of my next investments – one that will last a lifetime…

As for the pink bow tie, it’s vintage Hermès.

Do you think suits are dreamy like I do, or do you still prefer a beautiful dress over a suit?

Coat, Jacket & Pants, Pallas available at The Line; Earrings, Aesa; Shoes, Christian Louboutin; Clutch, Acne Studios.