It’s been almost four months since I cut my hair. Seriously. Time flies.

Since I constantly get asked for short hair updates, I decided to break my promise to never talk to you ever again about it, to share a few essentials with you – in total random order, because I’m worth it.

1 – Having short hair has really changed my life. It’s like there’s a before SH and after SH.

2 – I use whatever shampoo I have on hand. Even soap works.

3 – It’s true, I do have to get my hair cut more often – but not as often as you’d think – only every two months or so. It’s just a little too short at first, and just a little too long at the end, but totally manageable.

4 – Keratin treatments? No, I don’t really need them at this length because I have the long piece that I can tuck behind my ear while I’m drying my hair. Which makes me think that this must be the ideal length for me, since it’s natural.

5 – After I wash my hair, I put in a little Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream (ever since Pamela Love told me she uses Moroccan oil, I swear by the stuff, have you seen her gorgeous hair?), then I smooth it all down with a comb until it’s dry. After that, all I have to do is tousle it a little, and I’m done.

6 – The new item in my bathroom: a comb. Now I just have to find a really pretty one, because like the Parisian says : I’m a snob.

7 – Items I no longer have in my bathroom:
A hair dryer (I had used it, like, three times)
A curling iron (I had used it once, burned my forehead, dropped it on the ground, ended up looking like an Italian TV host, and gave up)
Flat irons (I hadn’t ever used them, but like all of the items on this list, I was keeping them around for one-day-just-in-case-you-never-know)
A brush
The filter to keep from plugging up the drain in the shower and bathtub (a.k.a., the domestic drama of my life until now)
Elaborate shampoos
Lots and lots of different hair creams, all half-used and never finished because none of them gave me the fabulous hair of my dreams…

8 – I rarely have a bad hair day.
Basically, I wash my hair every other day and the result is:
Day 1/ My hair is a little too limp, but it’s not bad
Day 2/ It’s perfect.

9 – Day 3/ ?
I tried dry shampoo, but it made my hair puff up like crazy – it just doesn’t work, so I just wash it on the third day.

10 – Instead of bad hair days, I get COWLICKS, and they drive me insane, but it’s only happened twice – one time I had one in front, and the other time the entire back half of my hair had somehow managed to dry in the wrong direction.

11 – People have asked me:
If I was Isabella Rossellini’s little sister – twice.
To never grow my hair out again – 45 times.
Where I go to get my hair cut – I can’t even count how many times.

12 – There’s a new worry in my life: I’m afraid of being called sir.
It’s never happened, but I think all girls with short hair must have this completely outdated, irrational, and unnecessary fear.

13 – My new best friends on days when that irrational fear attacks:
Pink or flashy lipstick to send extra clear signals (seriously, so ridiculous)
Nail polish
High heels

14 – I immediately got rid of…
– Thick eyeglasses

15 – I still have a hard time imagining myself…
– Wearing a hat

16 – I’ve given up on…
Wanting to go blonde
I didn’t leave one hassle behind (long hair) just to jump right in to another one (roots).

17 – IT’S SO EASY!!!!
Coloring my hair! After going too dark last time (I won’t make that mistake again), I can color my hair all by myself at home, and with short hair, it’s almost as easy as washing it. Hey, I said almost.

Wash my hair before bed. If I don’t dry it totally flat, the natural curl comes back running, and I look completely hilarious in the morning. Bowl head, literally.

Voilà, I think that’s everything! If you have any other questions, I’d be delighted to answer them – and we’ve prepared a little interview with Clyde, my dear hair stylist, that we’ll publish later today…

But in conclusion, I think short hair can be great for everyone, you just have to get a good cut that goes well with your face and your type of hair.

And after that, frankly, there’s nothing like it. It’s amazing.