I stole this belt from my step-dad (who’s the sweetest step-dad in the world – he had an amazing wardrobe AND he always pretended like he didn’t notice when I took his shirts for myself!) The belt’s got to be at least… pffff, I don’t know, I must have been 15?

I used to wear it with my boyfriend jeans, the super low rise ones.

And it’s stuck with me ever since.

These Ralph Lauren belts last forever and they never go out of style. I love them. You can still find them in shops today – which means it’s a true classic, a real one, really really!

Of course, my belt collection has grown since then – I have belts that are more feminine, more stylish, more everything — but this belt is one of the things I’ve taken me with me all over and I’ve had it forever.

I hope I won’t ever lose it.