I’m super excited about this new year. It’s almost like I’ve got butterflies in my stomach!

So excited, in fact, that I thought it would be cool to tell you a little bit about what’s going on in my life and on the blog.

In a few days, we will be moving into a new space, and that alone is going to change my life. I’d gotten so attached to my life as a freelancer that I’d kind of let the studio take over our apartment – now all I want is to have a real creative space, and also to be able to go home to my own place, you know, now and then.

The team has grown too. I used to think that working alone was perfect for my personality. I’m now realizing how much I love to collaborate, the life at the Studio and I also love teaching other people about what I know.

The blog is evolving as well. We’ve talked about it here before, it’s always changing, so it’s not much of a surprise: in my opinion, a blog is a form that’s never finished or sacred, it’s more like an ever-evolving organism that’s always responding to the many different possibilities that come up in the digital world.

You’ve probably noticed recently that I’ve been adding more contributors. There’s Alex, of course, but also Brie who’s just joined our team to work on fashion with us… and there are others that I’ll be introducing you to soon.

I’ll be creating a page to introduce them, in fact – it will be more chic, and starting next week, each post will be signed by the author (or authors), that way it will be crystal clear :)

The idea isn’t to add more and more to the point of smothering you with posts, to go into some sort of content competition. That’s not how I work – I’ve already talked to you about that here.

I like when the blog is like a cozy apartment where you feel at home – not like a supermarket where you’ve got something screaming out at you from every aisle.
I’m opening this blog up to other voices for a lot of other reasons – the first being that I’m curious to read other things myself, things I don’t necessarily find elsewhere on the internet.

It was in the same spirit that I had the idea to do the career interviews, for example. They’re really long and overflowing with ideas and information – it’s something I would have loved to be able to read when I was twenty and had no idea what to do with my life. A blog allows you to spend as much time as you want on a subject, so why not go with it!

What I love, really, is to imagine what kind of blog I would want to read every day – with the same spirit we’ve always had here – inspiring, simple, funny, imperfect, and not focused on shopping but more on the love of beautiful things. And stylish, too. And natural. And cool. And beautiful.

And never, ever pretentious, hahaha ;)

I’ve said it before – my blog is my dream. That’s something that will never change.
And it’s also because, just like with a love story, you have to know how to grow and change. You can’t get too attached to what was – you always have to try to discover new paths.

I also want to open the content to different voices. Younger ones, more mature ones, with different points of view, different interests, and different cultures. I’m surrounded by people in their twenties here in the studio, and I can tell you I find them super inspiring and I really want to hear what they have to say.

I also want to be able to open the blog up to subjects that I have a hard time talking about myself, like … love, for example! Why don’t I ever talk about love? I don’t know – I guess it’s an area where I’m a little blog-shy (god knows I’m not shy on others) and also to respect the privacy of the some people in my life, of course, if you see what I mean.

So anyway, you get the idea. I’m staying the same, but always changing, I’m still here reading your comments, but I also want to make room for people I love and who inspire me, I’m still here to answer you when you need me (don’t hesitate to ask me questions, that section will be here regularly so we can chat, and so I can tell you all about what’s going on here).

So, long story short. I can’t believe how talkative I am, come on, seriously!!! So… this week.

This week, we’re going to talk about guys.
It just came to me randomly, I wanted to make it a theme. Scott is in Milan, it’s Men’s Fashion Week, and since we don’t talk about guys enough here, this week we’re going for it.

I won’t tell you everything, but I’m totally trying to draw a man for my post tomorrow or Wednesday who will talk about them, the “poor dears” (I’ve always felt like I was terrible at drawing men, so it’s a big challenge for me! You’ll tell me).

We’ll try to figure out how to dress in men’s clothes (no, like – real men’s clothing) while staying super feminine and we’ll also do a survey to see who is the sexiest guy in the world right now – so, lots of important stuff!

Oh, and soon, I’ll introduce you to Megan, our new writer, who will be appearing regularly on Garance Doré to talk to us about love and sex.

Fiiiinally!!! Love AND sex!!! Because seriously, without that, fashion and men, what would be the point?

So, voilà, that’s a pretty long first letter, but there are a lot of fun and exciting things going on and lots of changes, so I really wanted to tell you about it all!!!

I’ll be around this morning to answer you if you have any comments, questions, or ideas to share! Big kisses!!!

And vive exclamation points!!!