It froze this week in New York.

It was 30 degrees below during the day, and I’m not just saying this – it’s obvious, really – no one knew how to dress, so everyone decided to stay home. I was on Broadway on Tuesday afternoon, and it was totally quiet, there wasn’t even a stray cat, as we say in French…

Since the freezing temperatures aren’t going away, and at some point you just have to get out of the house, we’ve been considering all possibilities. I really like Evgenia’s idea here – she’s one of the classiest Eskimos I’ve seen this week.

Coat, boots, and thick leather pants, black and white, and lots of heat-tech underneath, she told me. I love it.

Coat, Isabel Marant Étoile; Pants, BLK DNM; Boots, Sorel; Hat, Eugenia Kim; Gloves, COS; Scarf, Flandana