‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the studio, not a creature was stirring, not even Erik. The blog posts were unfinished in the WordPress queue, while visions of translations danced in our heads. Then out on the street there arose such a clatter, Alec Baldwin (who we’re very proud to count as our neighbors) threw a snowball at a paparazzi and we heard chatter.

I was slumped in front of the computer trying to organize my desktop, in my own kind of pre-winter daze like the happy manatees covering my screen, when suddenly, a brilliant idea for a post came to me (which I totally stole from US Weekly – sometimes I do some really fascinating reading).

So, here are 25 (random and useless) things that you (maybe) didn’t know about me…

1 – I don’t like to drink Coke. Too many bubbles.

2 – I was extremely shy when I was little. You could barely get two words out of my mouth, and if anyone so much as looked at me, I would turn bright red. One day, when I was about 18, I decided I’d had enough. I literally just decided to stop being shy. I still blush a lot, and it’s really annoying, but I don’t let that stop me. I try to tell myself that it’s “cute” when people look at me strangely.

3 – When people start talking about numbers, my brain freezes up and goes somewhere else – I imagine that I’m on a beautiful island, far far away, drinking cocktails with mysterious names. In high school, my best friend made me count apples and bananas to help me study for math (thanks, Anne!). I actually managed to pass with an average grade, and even today, that seems like a miracle.

4 – I don’t actually like champagne that much. I would much rather drink a good glass of wine.

5 – I played guitar in a punk band for about a year. There’s still a video floating around somewhere of one of our ear-splitting concerts.

6 – I’d always thought I had a pretty voice until I heard myself singing in a video recently. Ever since then, I’ve been ashamed of all the karaoke sessions I put my friends through, thinking I was delighting them all with my vocal stylings.

7 – I used to play cello when I was little. I even played in a concert once, but when I was 14, like all teenagers, I gave it all up to hang around doing nothing with my friends.

8 – One day, my five year old sister choked on a peanut in front of me. None of us knew what to do, and she was dying right before our eyes. In the heat of the moment, my mom ended up putting her hand down my sister’s throat to take out the little piece of peanut she was choking on. She saved her life. This was the biggest fear of my life. I’ve since gotten my first aid certification, and I freak out when I see little kids get too close to peanuts.

9 – I’m an intuitive cook. I love cooking for four to six people. Less than four isn’t enough, but any more than six stresses me out.

10 – My favorite fruit is watermelon.

11 – I’ve never been in a helicopter. It’s one of my dreams. Even just being in the plane is fascinating to me. I always sit by the window, and I look outside as long as there’s something to see. I’m pretty sure I hold the record for number of photos taken from inside the cabin. I try to force myself not to post them all on Instagram, but sometimes one or two of them get away from me.

12 – In school, I was amazing at spelling. Losing my French is one thing that really bothers me about my move to New York. It’s super depressing.

13 – I’ve only been in a fight once in my life. I was in 9th grade, and there was a girl who was much bigger than me who had been bullying me because of my Moroccan origins. She was really scary. Usually, I just looked down, but one day, I felt shameful for letting it happen, so I finally stopped ignoring her. I yelled and fought back. She never bothered me again.

14 – I love going to lunch by myself.

15 – I’d like to have a dog and a cat. They would be best friends.

16 – I can’t believe it when people let dogs lick their face!

17 – I’m allergic to artificial cinnamon. I brushed my teeth with toothpaste that had cinnamon flavoring in it one day, and the whole bottom half of my face was as red as a rose for two days. And of course, it had to happen while I was at Coachella. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t have been any fun.

18 – When I was a teenager, I was madly in love with Matt Dillon. Still a fan.

19 – I’m dyslexic, and can’t tell my right from my left. To pass my driving exam, I drew an “x” on my right hand, and even with that, I got all mixed up. I did end up getting my license, but the examiner told me I was a public hazard. I don’t drive very much, fortunately for the public.

20 – Ok, fine. I admit it. I got my belly button pierced once. That was enough for me to realize that it’s not always a good idea to follow trends.

21 – I find animals to be deeply moving. Just seeing a horse can make me cry – that’s how beautiful I think they are. It’s a little ridiculous, I know. One of my dreams is to go on a safari. Wild animals are so fascinating to me.

22 – I think there should be a law against people spitting in the street. Other than that, they can do what they want – that’s their own business.

23 – I have a sister (Laetitia), a brother (Nicolas), two half-sisters (Sacha and Julie), and a half-brother (Romain).

24 – I’m a big sci-fi fan.

25 – I hate being late.

26 – I can’t hold my alcohol. After two drinks, I’m totally gone. But I’m a very happy drunk. I sing, dance, and, oh boy, do I shout.

And there you have it!!! Now it’s your turn to share random things about yourselves! Come on, it’s vacation time! Tell me everything!