Today it’s Thanksgiving in the USA!!!
In other words the national day of the turkey, of hanging out with your family and saying thank you to those you love.
A quiet celebration, with no presents, not commercial (well that’s if you don’t count the millions of turkeys) so I won’t bother you for long, but I wanted to tell you thank you, thank you, thank you for being here with us everyday– you that we know for real, you that we know through the comments or you that we’ve never met. I always have had the feeling that I’m part of a fantastic community – and that I know you (okay so that can feel weird if we meet and you tell me you’re a reader of the blog, I may starting talking to you like you’re an old friend, because it’s a little bit like that, even if I would LOVE to know more about you…anyway).

Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from Emily, Alex, Tamar and Erik (yes we have a guy with us !!!). We give you a big French kiss! Okay, not French. On the cheek. Ooooh all right. A hug. Right there :)