I don’t know why but I just can’t seem to wear boots, even though I love them.
I always end up wearing low shoes, because I can’t dont like the way pants fall on a high top shoe. I guess what I like is to see the whole shoe, must be my problem. Oh, by the way, talking about weird clothing things, I’m not crazy about half-y heels. I like super high or extra flat. So usually, when I see a bootie, I have no emotion.

It doesn’t make it super easy finding everyday shoes.

All this to say, I think I found a perfect compromise the other day in Stockholm. These are Jil Sander, so I didn’t need to go all the way there to find them – but it was love at first sight. They’re blue, the leather is perfect and the back zip (which I obvioulsy leave opened, risking to lose a boot at every step, but you know I like to live dangerously), I love. Okay, these might not keep my feet warm in the winter, but it’s a good start, no ?

Do you like my new shoes?