I spent a few days in Stockholm last week for a shoot with & Other Stories that I’ll tell you more about very soon.

It’s been so long since I’ve been to Stockholm that I almost forgot how much I love the city and its energy – which is pretty remarkable considering it gets dark at three in the afternoon (It’s almost like someone just turns off the lights. You’re walking through the streets in the middle of the day and you look down for something in your purse and the moment you raise you head back, hop, it’s pitch black!)

It’s a city where I love the shopping (Okay so I may have gone a little crazy in that area. I guess that’s what night shopping will do to you)(I’ll give you a rundown soon and yes, I was pretty naughty strolling through the aisles of Isabel Marant for H&M)(and there are A LOT of H&Ms there) and where I love the style, because it is so different than what you find in Paris or New York.

In Stockholm women don’t necessarily dress to show off their bodies – even if they’re super hot. They showcase something different, they like their style to be interesting, playing with volumes and materials and even sometimes, flirt with the bizarre.

I don’t know if it has something to do with the climate, or the importance design has in Swedish culture, or if maybe it’s the amazing gender equality here that makes the relationship between men and women a totally different story than what I’m used to…

[Gender equality interlude:
Don’t be offended if a man in Stockholm doesn’t hold the door for you. It’s not that he lacks social graces;

It’s that a woman in Stockholm would probably take some offense to it. “I can hold the door on my own, thank you!” She’d probably say.
Same thing for dinner… I was talking with some Swedish girlfriends and they said that they would take it as an insult if a man tries to pick up the check. You divide the check in two, and that’s that. End of story. The time will come when you can let the man pick up the check, but much later on.
It’s also a country where men get six months of “paternity leave” and where there are as many baby-changing stations in men’s bathrooms as there are in women’s. Cool, right?]

… But the fact is that the style in Stockholm is like nowhere else on earth. It’s so inspiring, interesting, captivating.
I can’t wait to get back, maybe during summer time when it’s light out for 14 hours every day…

In the photo, the beautiful Elinor Nystedt is wearing a men’s suit by Weekday Collection, checkered shirt by Ralph Lauren, dotted shirt by MTWTFSS Weekday, bustier by Nhu Duong, vest by Christophe Lemaire and Converse x MM6 sneakers.