Meet my friend Kartika – you might not know her yet if you don’t live in France, but maybe you’ve heard of the nail polish brand she founded, Kure Bazaar.

She’d been a big polish fan her entire life but after her baby was born, she stopped wearing it because she was afraid of the toxicity… And that’s how she got the idea to start her own non-toxic brand. After many long months of research, the Kure Bazaar brand, composed of 85% natural ingredients, was born.

I’ve worn their polish since it came out and I can definitely tell you, it’s great. The colors are amazing, same goes for the wear and shine. They have really cool nail bars too (I have to show you a photo!). So yeah, I’m a fan.

I have to admit, I don’t really know a lot about natural beauty products, but I meet more and more women who will only wear beauty products that are made with all natural ingredients. Are you one of them?