If my goal in life were to be perfect, I’d be in deep s%#t.

It’s a huge job to be perfect. Like a full time job. I mean, let’s just take beauty products for example: have you ever counted the number of hours it takes each week to make yourself bottom-line presentable?

The number of hours it takes to moisturize your body, serumize your face, try to make your hair look like something, put your make up on… Then add to that the number of hours you spend waxing, manicuring, putting on masks, getting your hair dyed, going to the derm, getting lasered or whatever other weird thing you do (if you don’t have anything weird, go see a derm in America : They’ll be happy to find something)…

Yeah, I don’t know how much time you spend, but for me, I can definitely say this:


It just takes too long.

And so my lazy brain figured out a way to save some time and get rid of a few of the daily tasks: just forget about stuff.

I forget to do my nails. I forget to tweeze. I forget to put lotion on my body. Or a I put it on just a part of my body and forget the rest. I get my legs waxed and forget the armpits. I’ll forget to do a close inspection in the magnifying mirror (so important to do a close inspection in the magnifying mirror).

Bottom line : I get this feeling that I’m constantly a “Work in Progress”.

Guys, it’s annoying.
Because even if I don’t have the goal in life to be perfect, I do like the feeling of being well groomed.

And we can’t ignore that the more time passes, the more time it takes to look your best. The more times passes, the more you have to go the gym. The more times passes, the more you have to put all your lotions on. The more you have to take a second, a third, and a twelfth glance in the magnifying mirror.

Oint, protect, mask, cleanse, tweeze… You get the point.

The more stuff I have to do, the more my brain rebels and tells me to go out take a walk when I should be in my bathroom or at the spa taking care of something.

Yeah so last time I had an idle little moment (or maybe I was just bored to death getting my feet done at the spa ?)(no because can we all admit together how boring these activities are?), I made a check list of all the stuff I tend to simply forget. You want to take a look?

… I know! And this doesn’t count the stuff that I just do automatically… This is JUST THE STUFF I FORGET.

What do you think? Am I crazy here? Do you succeed in doing everything according to plan? Or does this stuff come naturally to you without a second thought?