It might sound crazy to you considering the millions of hours I spend talking about fashion, but sometimes I still can’t figure out what clothes look good on me. It definitely comes down to body type. I mean, I have pretty broad shoulders, rather slender hips, and there’s just a little bit of (hahaha) breasts to account for, yet I have fine arms, and I put on weight on the top…

I know that generally, when I show my legs, things work pretty well and that I have to avoid the chunky sweater at all costs unless I want to look like Anne Sinclair.
I love wearing men’s shirts (easy and sexy) but since I chopped all my hair off, I’m finding them far less flattering (but I promised the girls at the studio that I wouldn’t talk about my short hair under any circumstances so just pretend like I didn’t say anything). Little slinky tops work more or less even though I dream about wearing them since I cut all my hair off… (The slip dress trend this winter has plunged me into total disarray) and ummmmmm, I also should say that, uhhhhh….
Let’s say I have V-necks and blazers left but I’m tired of V-necks and blazers.


I cracked up the last time a friend of mine (who has a totally different frame than me: leaner top than bottom) said to me:

“But… If I could just have your legs…”
And I said :
“But no, if I could just have your shoulders,”
Then she said :
“But if I could only have your boobs…”
I had to stop the whole thing right there. It was so much better to be her. It was so obvious. I had to set the record straight:
“Your shoulders are closer to your head. So, I’m sorry, but it is much easier for you to look good from the waist up. I mean, just think about photos! What should I do, wrap my legs around my head anytime someone wants to take a picture of me?!”

Aha! Admit it, I won that one.


PS: The sweater in the photo works pretty well (I think so at least) because it’s long and sleeveless which sort of elongates the top. It just goes to show that anything can work as long as it’s the right cut. Though Emily added that since she’s shorter, a sweater like this would make her look like, and I quote, a sack of potatoes.
For me, it looks like I forgot my pants, BUT YOU CAN SEE MY LEGS! ;))

PPS : Huge debate at the studio (Yes, I promise, sometimes we work)… You know those expressions (as totally stupid as they are, you’ll agree) to describe body shapes like apple, pear, hourglass, and I don’t even know what else? You know what I’m talking about…
What am I?
What do you consider yourself?

And with that in mind, what works best on you?

PPPS: What I’m wearing: sweater from All Saints, shirt by Sandro, Baylee bag by Chloé, Club Monaco shoes and jewelry by Aurélie Bidermann.