[La La Land – The term either refers to Hollywood, Los Angeles or a state of mind synonymous with Hollywood that is out of touch with reality, focusing on dreams, fantasies or frivolous endeavors.]

The scene you see here is not real…

In LA, nobody walks anywhere. If you’re walking down the street, everyone looks at you weird (from their cars). So what happened here is that Daphné and I were driving around and I thought this street was so perfect that we should do a picture.

I just got back from LA where I settled for two weeks to work on my book.

It was a crazy luxury, honestly. Like a creative retreat, which is even better than a vacation if you ask me. That’s why I wasn’t posting a lot from there. Most of the time I was in my room with a view, at the Standard, writing and drawing, attempting to take a step back from my daily life.

I chose LA because it’s a city where I feel free.

Funny because I hated it the first time I went, but every time I go back, I fall a little more in love with it. There’s the soft and cool autumn sun, the sublime views, and a super chill, laid back feel to it, with a lot less hustle and bustle than the craziness in New York. And then there’s the brilliant mix of dream and reality that so profoundly inspires me.

Like Daphné, who lived there for a while says… “It’s my happy place.”

By the way Daphné and I decided that we are going to write a New York vs. LA post… It should be fun.

In the meantime, here’s an impossible photo of Daphné wearing one of her impossible Californian outfits – It’s freezing in the morning and night yet it’s super hot during the day but cool in the shade – which means winter and summer clothes have to come together and I just love it.

Have a wonderful Monday !