I know – same as you: that girl in the picture makes me immediately want to be her, cruising on the street in my very good wool turtleneck, eyes closed like I was just leaving a very good antigravity yoga class.

Which makes me think (because anything would make me think of myself, obviously):
I’ve always been told that I have a redhead skin tone, because I have a ton of freckles and I get red very, very easily.
It’s BS: It doesn’t make my skin a redhead’s skin at all, but people (including me) are fast to jump to conclusions.
Conclusions like: maybe I’d look great if my hair was a lighter color ?

Aaaaaah, the permanent unfinished business of bettering yourself, uh.

Also, Kim Kardashian went blonde and I thought it looked pretty good. Didn’t you? Am I the only one?

And look – I know it’s a lot of work to go lighter hair color-wise. There is the money you have to put into it, the time, the dedication. And the roots, arrrgh, the @&$ing roots. And also you destroy your hair, with hair color, don’t you? It’s like a car, or a cat, or a blog, if you’d really think about it, you’d never get one.

But the truth is, I’ve been looking at a lot of people around me and I have to say I see A LOT of people with colored hair! Even Alec Baldwin !
Like, a lot! And it looks good on most of them!

So, today, I wanted to ask these people: Is it that hard? How do you deal with it? Can I pull it off?

PS : The wonderful Audra in the picture seems to me like a natural strawberry blonde (dream hair color !!!) and is wearing a wonderful sweater by Nili Lotan.