First, take a good look at that picture…

Ok, done? So… A couple days before fashion week, Alex and I found ourselves at Zara.

I wanted to check the new arrivals of course, but I also was ready to impress Alex with the depths of my ancestral Zience (years of experience make all the difference!)(???).

So of course, we turn straight to the left to go to the “collaborations” racks (that’s what we call them) and there, I see this biker jacket.

It was my time to shine…

I knew Alex was looking for a biker jacket, and this one was perfect, perfect cut, perfect leather, all right, all right, so the hardware was not entirely luxe, fine I’ll give that to you.

I have her try it, faint, it’s so beautiful (I keep half an eye opened to see her reaction though), have her touch the leather, make her turn in the mirror to see how flattering the cut is, and tell her that, there, no need to look further, the Zargrail (if you rememeber my piece about how to shop at Zara…) is here, right in front of her.

That’s when I decide to look at the price. $120.

Wait, what?
Ahhh no this is impossible. No, but look at this leather it’s too nice, it is not possible. There must be a tag error. Let’s buy all the stock and resell them on eBay and then we can go on vacation in the Caribbean, just you and I.

Still, I look at the composition.
No sign of leather.

No way.

The jacket is faux, and I’ve been racing about the beauty of the leather for 20 min. Shame.
Alex stays nice and doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. I (slightly) want to go burry myself under a pile of Trafaluc (that should indicate the depth of my shame).

I change subject and take her to go check the real leather jacket to see if we can find anything better but no real leather, at Zara, is better than the faux. And they’re all much more expensive, obviously.

I eat up my pride, and tell her to buy it. Yes it’s faux, but it’s still beautiful. And if she decides she doesn’t like it, she can bring it back.


One month later, I can proudly report that Alex has been wearing the jacket like it’s her best friend and that the “leather” hasn’t changed, it has just taken a soft patina that doesn’t look bad at all. Pffffou, my honor is saved.

And now, tell me: did you guess it was faux leather ?