We’ve all become sunblock pros.

And honestly, we’re talking beauty products in general here. We cleanse, moisturize, put on our SPF, and even try to eat well and stay active. We don’t even really have to think about SPF anymore since most moisturizers have it in them already.

We’ve gotten so good at protecting our face from the sun.

But what about your necks?
And our chest? Our hands? What about our arms?

My mother always told me that you have to protect these zones as much as you do your face. These are sensitive areas that are always exposed and that age faster, wrinkle, get sun spots, and whatever other amazing things are caused by UV rays.

I have to admit… I always only half-listened to what she was saying. Even today – and I notice it even more so right now since I’m currently under the relentless LA sun – I’m barely paying attention. And it’s worse in winter when I can’t detach myself from the magic thought that just “because it’s cold, the sun isn’t as strong.” Yeah, sure.

I always think about this great text from Nora Ephron, who wrote this in her 60s…

“Sometimes I go out to lunch with my girlfriends—I got that far into the sentence and caught myself. I suppose I mean my women friends. We are no longer girls and have not been girls for forty years. Anyway, sometimes we go out to lunch and I look around the table and realize we’re all wearing turtleneck sweaters. Sometimes, instead, we’re all wearing scarves, like Katharine Hepburn in On Golden Pond. Sometimes we’re all wearing mandarin collars and look like a white ladies’ version of the Joy Luck Club. It’s sort of funny and it’s sort of sad, because we’re not neurotic about age—none of us lies about how old she is, for instance, and none of us dresses in a way that’s inappropriate for our years. We all look good for our age. Except for our necks.”

Am I going to end up one day with a perfectly preserved face and a neckline ravaged by sun-damage?
What do you do to protect your hands? I’m talking real life here, where you can’t put on sunblock every time you need to wash you hands… Or maybe you can?

Have you figured out the trick or are you as negligent as I am?

Can we try to get each other motivated here? Or are we all going to end up sitting around a table at a café at age 60 with turtle necks on? Well… Say it like that and it doesn’t sound so bad after all!