You may remember the day I told you about one of my BFP (Big Fashion Problems).
I find it hard to not match my clothes – actually the thing is I find it difficult to wear more than three colors – it distracts me. So for me, not being matchy matchy is like a daily battle. Cause when you wear few colors, it often ends up that you shoes and top match.
And that, guys, is total FD (Fashion Drama)…

Aaaaaah how many times have I envied our grandmas and their perfectly matching ensembles… What a break for the retina!!! Long live the Queen! (!!!??)

Ok so till now, I thought matchy matchy was Not Good.

That’s why the day I saw Viviana with her ensemble, and (oh shock!) her matching clutch and shoes, I was super surprised. Cause Viv is a great stylist. Viv knows what she’s doing. If Viv is wearing something matchy, it means something. We needed to talk.

“Viviaaaaaanaaaa!!! So daring !”

“Of course!!! The most funny is to match bag and shoes, like our grandmothers did (aaaaaah, see, our grandmas are always right!) and in the case of the gingham pattern, it’s a little crazy, but it was a way for me to intensify the mood of the look!”

And there let’s just say it: stylists are the best ones to talk to about fashion.

Ok so what do you think? Am I allowed to match now?