Ever since Alex came into my life, I’ve become more and more of a makeup pro. Having someone around you who loves beauty products is almost like having your own personal stylist. She knows my skin type (sensitive, combination), the stuff that really bothers me (dark circles, visible pores), and the stuff that I don’t really care about (wrinkles, freckles)…

She even knows my favorite colors.

So in terms of makeup, she’s introduced me to a few things that have changed everything for me… And now I’m doing my duty in passing them onto you!

Here are my makeup essentials right now – these are all so amazing and each one is tested and approved and, as you can see, directly came out of my makeup bag!

Click on the images to see all my products!

Future Skin Foundation, Chantecaille; Joues Contraste Powder Blush, Chanel; Terracotta Bronzer, Guerlain; Blush Brush, NARS; Ideal Light Brush-on Illuminator, Estée Lauder; Pressed Powder, NARS; The Happening Palette, NARS; Angled Brush #38, NARS; Brow Zings, Benefit; Eyelash Curler, NARS; Revolution Lipstick, Urban Decay