Back in my student days, still figuring out my style (haha! As if I’ve figured it out now…), my roommate was my best friend (yes, I’m talking about you, Anne) and we shared all our clothes.

One winter we decided we loved the big sweater look so MUCH, we both thought it was so sexy, cool, feminine, all of it, especially with our short skirts and Doc Martens, that we would only wear that aaaaall winter. No coats, just sweaters.

Who wants a coat anyway? To hell with coats.

We even did the math, broke as we were… I mean, think about it: for the price of one coat you could buy at least three giant sweaters and 12 long sleeved heattechs for the days that it got really cold.

It was perfect. It was original. It was so so sexy. And it was so us… That was great.

Three months later, we were sitting on a bench between two depressing classes at university, with out teeth chattering in the middle of a Provençal blizzard (Those of you who have been through one in Aix, you know it’s just like New York: instant cryogenics), wondering how we had been so dumb. What were we thinking with this whole sweater thing anyway? And since we’re on the subject… How do you even wash a giant wool sweater anyway? How were we supposed to dry it in our tiny little studio? Laying FLAT?! Where do you picture that happening?! Hey, what’s that super musty smell? Oh, it’s nothing. Don’t worry. It’s just my giant wool swe…

So yeah, we were pretty dumb in our sweaters, but still we thought we looked sooooo cool. Right, Anne?

All that said, my lovelies, I still adore a nice big sweater. It’s the perfect friend for autumn with a skirt, or maybe some skinny jeans, or actually, pretty much everything. It’s beautiful, cosy, sexy and I love it even more since I cut my hair.

So this year it’s coming back super strong and I invested big time (But I’ll still get a coat, and uuuh, a parka too) I bought a glorious Rick Owens one (most beautiful sweater in the world. I gotta show it to you. I can’t even begin to hold a candle to how pretty it is), Cos (BUT SERIOUSLY what’s going on with Cos?) and of course, from Equipment, who I’m pretty comfortable calling my sweater dealer at this point. I’m telling you, me and chunky sweaters, come Autumn, you just can’t tear us apart. Don’t even try. Oh, and American Apparel as well, which makes the nicest cotton sweaters you’ll ever lay your hands on. So many sweaters I don’t even know what to do with myself!

The lovely Kate in the photo got hers at Topshop. How cool is it, right?

PS: Here are some perfect fall sweaters! American Apparel, Equpiment, Theory, Acne and Topshop.