Even though I love all the crazy invites we get to shows, most of the time the ones I keep are the simple ones.

What I love is the calligraphy. This beautiful way to give shape to letters, the attention and the time it demands. The Balenciaga ones are the most crazy, they’re all handwritten… It really touches me.

To tell you the truth, I’ve always played so much with my pens that when I was young, I didn’t really have a writting style. People would tell me that you could see someone’s personnality in their writing, and mine would change everyday, so many times I wondered if I had no fixed personnality :)

When I see the part that writing plays today in my life (I wouldn’t call what I do calligraphy, but I get a lot of commissions to write titles or create logos) I tell myself that you really never know where your little weirdnesses can take you…