A few new things have entered my life and they are so cool, I wonder how I was doing it before. Here is a list…

  • I found makeup.

I know, crazy. Me who used to never wear makeup because I am just sooooo lazy, have found perpetual excitation, and 456 cool products I have to talk to you about.
Right now, I’m in a crazy lipstick phase, and I am not just talking bright red, mind you. Yesterday I tried a “black red” (From Urban Decay, the name of it is “Shame” – should I take this as a hint?), today I want to try fake eyelashes and this weekend maybe Chanel’s SS14 makeup, like in the illustration? What do you think? No? Why?

  • I found Cos.

And Alex had me do a public mea culpa in front of the studio to whom I was showing my latest wonderful buys.
For months I had been telling her to stop fantacizing about Cos (you know, we don’t have it in the US yet) which for me was the store with clothes designed for a “80‘s art gallery owner”.

Two coats, one sweater and two shirts later, I have to admit, Cos is great this season, even more if you stay close to the entrance where the best pieces are.
(Later today, a picture of one of my coats will appear on the blog.)

  • I found roasted fruits.

What’s the best way to have a dessert that’s neither too sweet nor to heavy but still delicious ? Roasted fruit omg roasted fruits. I love you guys.
Peaches, figs, cherries – you name it, I roast it. And I’m proud of it!
By the way what about panned oranges? Pffff! I die.

  • I found long nails.

I know, weird, but I realized my hands look much better with long nails, a sort of square-oval like my mum in the 70’s. With a coat of nail polish it’s just super sexy.
Am I becoming a woman, OR WHAT ?
I am not yet pulling a Lana Del Rey, no worries. But I can see what she’s doing now.
Ok. Sometimes it gets a little tricky playing Dots on my phone, but I’m a disaster at that game anyway – and I’ll never get over my best score of 247, so…

Now I just have to figure out how to keep my long nails beautiful.

  • I found a thumb ring (does that sound weird?) and I can’t stop wearing it.
  • I downloaded IOS 7.

So obviously I downloaded it the second it was out, and I have to say, I love it.
It’s smooth, feels chic – and you kind of suddenly feel like you have a new life phone.
But also, I’ve been attracted to new, non-Apple products lately (yes there is a whole world outside of Apple), I tried a few (Nexus, Xperia) and they’re great.
I want to know what you think of Android and Windows. Who’s using them ?

So since I cut it, I’m really man’s best friend. Like a dog*, say.
Which totally answered my question “Is short hair sensual?” after two days. People touch my hair at every occasion.
Even people I don’t know.
They say “I love your hair!” and woop!!! put their hand in it.
I don’t mind it! I’ve always loved to be petted.


*I’ve always thought I had certain canine characteristics. I’m affectionate, loyal, not mysterious in the slightest (so not a cat) and I make a huge mess wherever I go.

Translation : Tim Sullivan