This summer, I suddenly remembered my ears were pierced.

I had done this during my “stars” moment (yep, I had a “stars” moment)(Okay, okay… Better than a “heart” moment, non?)(What do you mean it’s exactly the same?) – I had three piercings on the left ear and one on the right ear, where I was wearing, well, very small stars. I found that soooooo cool.
Dream of my life was the Chanel Comète ring, see which ring I’m talking about? I’m lucky that tattoos were not trending or I would have ended up covered in stars.

So this summer, suddenly, I wanted to wear small earrings again…

I went to Claire’s, bought a ton of “diamonds.” The piercings were still there, I was happy as can be, even more so since I cut my hair. Now, I spend my time looking for new earrings.

Then the other day I see Caroline and she tells me, “Funny, I’ve wanted to pierce too! I want three!!!” then Laure, then Giorgia. Without knowing or talking to each other. Then yesterday, Lara tells me she wants to do it but is scared it might hurt. Then yesterday, I see Pernille on the street and take her picture.

Three is a trend, no? What about you? Have you felt a sudden urge to get your ears pierced? Did you do it?