Total & complete crush (okay, total and complete basically mean the same thing, but that is definitely telling you the level of crush I’m having right now) on these Narciso Rodriguez mules.

They make me think of my beloved Valentino, (Wait, what? After a deep research of two and a half minutes I realize I’ve never properly claimed my love for them on this blog? How ungrateful me.) anyway, you see the ones I’m talking about, these…

So I adore them cause even though they’re flat, they hold the same femininity and chic quotient as heels do and this is music to my ears (see how I’m starting to use American expressions?). Usually flat shoes are either mens inspired ones, boots, or ballet flats which I love very much but stay on the rather casual side.

Whereas these, I could totally wear them with a long gown (color : cream) for my next Oscars ceremony. Ok I’ve never been to the Oscars. See what I mean?

Now, here is the why there is a question mark in my title– Mules ?

How do you guys keep a mule on your foot?

No cause, imagine I was at my Oscars red carpet and suddenly had to turn to give a wink to the photographers, and right there my shoe flies right into the face of Aaron Johnson? And he turns to me with that very angry look?

Eeeeeeeeh, right.
Done with the heels! Send out the mules.