One morning I woke up and my book was right there in front of me. It was amazing. The text was funny, super well written, and the photos and drawings were perfectly laid out. I can’t tell you how excited I was.

And then suddenly, I opened my eyes and stared down at my hands grasping the air. Mmmm? No book in sight. Books don’t just appear from thin air, Garance. You were dreaming, Blah. A dream. Pfffff. But my idea was still there.

And perhaps it was time to turn the dream into a reality…

What’s interesting is that it for years people have been talking to me about putting together a book – they’d say to me, “Take the opportunities when you can get them! Success could stop tomorrow!” and I’d always say, “Sorry, no book yet! Maybe even never!”

For those of you who have read my blog for a long time, you know that I haven’t always had the mental force of a Jedi Knight I’m displaying here.

I let myself be seduced, a few years back, by the dark side of the for idea of writing a book.

A great publishing house contacted me and I was so terribly flattered, I said yes.

[I think I have to include a little parenthesis about Writing A Book.

Writing A Book is like a magic thought. It’s more of a concept than a reality.

Who doesn’t dream about Writing a Book? Even though it’s more like… Who doesn’t dream about Having a Book with Her Name at the Bottom? It’s a little like that.

It’s like I had told you that time

“That’s when I realized that for me, what I liked about it at that time was the idea of writing a book. It’s like I wanted to be Madonna*. Not that I wanted to get on stage and sing and jump around in heels and grind up on a whole bunch of bodybuilders and shake my bum in public. No. I just wanted to be able to go up and say, ‘Hi, I’m Madonna.'”]

I started writing without really know what I was going to say.

I mean, if you read my text here, you might get the feeling that I was not exactly ready!

What a strange and difficult year. I beat myself up trying to get some words out of this head of mine and when I ended up getting some things on paper, it all left me pretty confused, empty, and sad.

I sent a few of my pages to a some friends who said, “This is great!”

But honestly, I still felt deep down that something was off.

That’s when, at a party, I met a stranger I thought was just brilliant, honest, and super funny. He wrote comics and was incredibly talented.

I decided to ask him a big favor.

Could he take a look at what I had and tell me what he thought?

I sent him a few pages and his response was, “Yeah. It’s nice.”

So (the magic magnificence (or scariness, up to you) of the internet allowed me to recently reread our whole correspondence), here is what I replied to him:

“I don’t want to do something nice. I want to do something wonderful!”

(May I introduce Garance, the secret little sister of Kanye West.)

The fact is that he had told me what I needed to hear, and thanks to him, I made my decision. After crying for two hours alone on my floor, two hours crying on the phone to Scott*, and two hours with my editor, I let the project go and right away, totally naturally, I started to live again.

You don’t start writing a book just because someone asks you (even if they do it nicely).

After that, I didn’t think much more of it, until my morning dream of late.

And there, not only did I see my book, but I had the impression that I wanted to write a book a little for me (“Hi, I’m Mado Garance!”), but also for others (I know, you’re starting to feel like you’re reading something of Oprah’s, but note, Oprah is usually right!)(And she’s an amazing actress. Have you seen The Butler?).

So quick, I want to write a book with the same emotion I had when I was sending a letter to my best friend when I was 15 and I made that letter to be full of love and fun and gifts and beautiful things that surprise and amuse her and put a big smile across her face.

With that in mind, I decided it was time to take the leap.

After that, the rest is almost too new for me to tell you (but cross my fingers, hope to die, I’ll tell you soon because it’s interesting and funny and the publishing industry is almost more crazy than the fashion world), but I met with an agent, put together a book proposal, and met with editors in a sort of crazy speed dating** set up… It was all pretty fascinating.

And finally, I chose an editor that had the most critical eye of my work and an aesthetic that is the closest to mine and we decided to work together.

My editor is Spiegel and Grau, with Random House – and I’ll keep you updated when the book is coming out!

Et voilà! It’s announced! It’s official! That’s it! I’m not going to say too much more about the book, but if you have something you’d love to see in there, now is the time to say it!

I send you all a big hug, and also to Madonna, Oprah, and Master Yoda.


* For the sake of historical accuracy, I left the quote as it first appeared on the blog as is, but I must admit that I have total amnesia about my desire to be Madonna.

** I asked him if he remembered the convo. He remembered it quite well… “I was at the airport. You cried for two hours.” I remember him telling me, “Don’t do it if you don’t believe in it.”

*** Actually, it’s more like The Bachelorette where it’s up to me to give away roses. Flattering!

PS: The earrings in the drawing are inspired by Mario Testino!

Translation : Tim Sullivan