The more life goes on, the more relaxed I am with the things I used to try to hide. I’m fine with things like…

Wearing a bikini even though I’m not perfect.

The day I’ll have the perfect body may never come and I’ll say this too: the summer that I was at my hottest (What hot means in the head of a girl: few pounds lighter)(Sorry, I’d love to have a deeper philosophy than that, but we’re all the same)(Plus people kept telling me how good I looked so it’s like total peer pressure there) was the summer after I just got dumped by my boyfriend and I couldn’t even swallow a little piece of chocolate to sooth my heartache, which tells you how dark these times were…

As soon as he came back (Eheheheh. Guys.), I went back to being myself, which = not extra thin.

But hey. I kept on wearing a bikini when I wanted because I had realized that wearing a one piece was not making anything better, it was actually putting the attention on what you’re trying to hide.

Listening to stupid wonderful music.

Like, Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler. Amazing. And Obsession by Aventura, love it. Faith, George Michael. Aaaah. Bullet Proof.

And all that guys, without an ounce of irony.

Not having a favorite kind of exercise.

Doing the same kind of exercise all the time = pfffff.

The thing I love most is the big burst of motivation you get when you first start a new class and you’re ready to do anything, like wake up at 6 am and swallow a raw egg like Rocky before going to the gym. Eye of the tiger, see what I mean?

Usually, that sort of motivation lasts around… three weeks maybe. Then I have to drag myself the gym and I start coming up with ingenious ways to get out of it.

I finally figured out the solution! —> I embrace my lack of discipline.

As soon as I feel my motivation wane, I change my activity. This summer, I did hot yoga until it drove me nuts (okay so, my sweat, I’m fine with it. The sweat of others? Not soooo much) and now I’m starting personal training sessions. I start Thursday and I’m super motivated.

How long is it going to last? No idea.

But who cares? What counts is to do something. Or so I’ve heard.

Saying no.

Sometimes, I say no. Still not easy, but I’m getting there.
The thing is, people try to make you think that it’s easy to say no. It’s not!!!
It’s hard, you have to say it the right way, to have empathy and to just breathe when people get mad at you.

But you’ll feel so much better after.

Eating tartines.

When I arrived in New York, my way of eating “à la française” raised a few eyebrows.

Like seriously, bread in the morning? What? You’re going to start your day with gluten, carbs, fat AND sugar? Ewwwww! What’s wrong with you! Here, take my Organic Avenue card.

I tried to adapt and little by little change my way of eating. I ate oatmeal. I like oatmeal fine. But not like I like my tartines in the morning. Plus eating oatmeal didn’t prevent me from putting on weight, plus I was missing my tartines every morning.

One day, I’d just had enough and started eating à la française again.

Toast in the morning, not too much snacking between meals (no, not even a handful of raw almonds, thank you), and slowly, I’m starting to come back to normal. So happy!

Saying how much I love Sex and the City.

Yes, the show is starting to get a little dated, and the films didn’t help (especially the second one, seriously, what was that?) the reputation the series has that it’s just a mindless chick flick show.

But don’t throw it under the bus yet… No other series has managed to take its place and we forget ever so slowly how much of a pioneer the show was and how it paved the way for so many others.

Last week the New Yorker had this article that brought a nice smile to my face.

And what if Carrie didn’t end up with Mr. Big?

And yeah, I’ll add that I can say just how much I love Candace Bushnell.

Since we’re here, I’m such a big fan of Candace Bushnell. I’ve read all her books and I think she’s more than just a chick lit writer. Don’t you?

Having the same taste as everyone else.

You guys, I love me a cat video.

Like when I’m mad or something, I watch a cat video and pof! I immediately feel better.

(Cat videos are the most popular videos on YouTube.)


When I was young, I used to say hello to everyone in the street. EVERYONE and ANYONE who passed me by got a big smile. Maybe it was because I grew up in a tiny little town where we knew everyone in town… Who knows?

But one day I learned that you’re not supposed to do that. I was very surprised, so I stopped saying hello, but kept on smiling and talking to strangers.

When I got to New York, I felt like myself again. Here people smile, they are sweet and caring (all right except taxi drivers and that as**%le who upstreamed my taxi the other day but that’s part of the folklore let’s say). I’ve adapted so well I don’t even remember that it’s not the same everywhere.

This past week, my father was in New York visiting and he said,

“It’s crazy how nice and smiley people are here. It doesn’t surprise me you feel right at home…”

And I noticed it all again. People smiling when you make eye contact on the street. Waiters chase you three blocks down if you forget your phone on the table, people politely waiting in line, taking the time to explain to you perfectly where the street you’re looking for is…

So now, I let it all out: I started smiling at everyone again.
Okay so sometimes I may look crazy but I don’t care: I’m fine with it.

Do you have things that you’ve decided to just go with? What are you fine with?

Translation : Tim Sullivan