Argh, there. 15th of august is behind us.
That weird moment where I read magazines that are full of coats while I’m having a coconut on the beach, that moment where I make wishlists of what I’d like to wear in september. And where I say “But can you believe that fashion week is in two weeks ???!!!”. The truth is it’s also the moment where I should go shopping, because in New York, after the 1st of September all the best clothes are out of stock.

But you know what ? I’d rather believe in summer a few more hours…

On my list, this Phillip Lim purse. I saw it on Preia the other day. I like it’s shape, it’s simplicity and its gold hardware. Next week – once I’ve put my family on the plane, I’ve just spent the most exhausting and cool week taking them all over New York – I’ll show you my wish list of what I’d love to wear in september.
Have you started your wishlist ?