This is a photo I took last year in my village of Girolata in Corsica.

I’ve never really told you about what it was like to grow up there because it’s so emotional for me that I wouldn’t even know where to start. My childhood in the untamed nature there effected me so much…

In this place with no cars, no roads, with just a few dozen houses (a few more these days), all the kids grew up together. We were like one big family, sleeping over at each other’s houses, and each one of the adults were kind of like our parents.

Marine was a little like my big sister, even if we’re not related. I always thought she was soooo cool, sublime, mysterious and super sensual.

We always heard that we looked like each other and nothing made me happier. She always was and still is the most beautiful girl in the village !

And she still is to this day, for my sister and me (we were just talking about her actually), the most beautiful girl in the world :)