I’m the laziest about taking off my make up, aren’t you ?

Between my laziness and always forgetting my Crealine and my eye make up remover (I have no favorites in the category, deep inside a feeling that they’re all the same – which is a total lazy girl thought), it oftentimes happens that I take off my make up with a hotel soap (OMG TRAGEDY) and to find myself with a skin so dry that I cannot smile, or even open my mouth to shout “shit, my skin is dry !!!”, which’ll teach me to use that terrible soap + water mix.

So last time we chatted with our friend Alice, that not only has to remove her own make up but her model’s make up, but also totally understands how lazy a girl can be, and here’s what she told us…

Take it off. Start with an eye makeup remover. I like Bi-Facil by Lancome, it has oil in it. You put a little on a cotton pad and use it to remove your mascara. Follow up with a water-based or foaming cleanser. These are gentle and will remove any excess product.

The most amazing product I’ve found for cleaning your face is Eve Lom cleanser. You rub it over your whole face on dry skin and it cleans your skin, your pores and takes off your eye makeup.

Hey, lazy girls. First, do not use the makeup removing wipes. they give you a rash and make you break out and they do not clean your face. They will take the surface off but you still have to wash your face.

For someone in a real pinch, you can use Nivea Cream to remove your makeup. But you definitely have to wash your face afterwards!

Oil is your friend. Oil is great when you’ve got something heavier on your face like a waterproof mascara or a liquid eyeliner. I am really lazy with my mascara. One time I couldn’t be bothered to open my make up kit and I opened my cabinet and had Argan oil inside and I thought, “Oh, well that is oily, that will do it!” and it was amazing. Be careful not to get it in your eyes! Put a little on your fingertip and rub it across your eye. It really feels like it moisturizes my eye.

Once you wipe off your makeup, you need to take a cotton pad and some clean water and take off the oil. Don’t leave oil on your face because you’ll get spots.

I use John Masters Organics Argan Oil, it’s really good and really fast.

[Editor’s Note: You know we’ve already given olive oil the stamp of approval!]

For your eyes. Use an oily make up remover. Definitely oily. I find that the watery ones for eye makeup take ages to get the makeup off and then your eyes are red and stingy The oily ones tend to dissolve it immediately. You want it off as fast as possible, you don’t want to be rubbing your eyes.

For your lips. Something moist like a baby wipe. When I’m removing off a girl for a makeup change I’ll put a lip balm on, let it sit for a minute and then I’ll take it off. If you just use a tissue, you end up rubbing it in more and your lips get dry. If you put something heavy, like an Aquaphor or a Homeoplasmine, on and wipe it off, it will take off.