This summer, I’ve been attracted to simple glasses. Nothing too big or flashy.

So naturally I turned to Ray-Bans and as I wasn’t able to make a choice, I got a little bit carried away. I started with a good old pair of Clubmasters, then a few weeks later I realized I can’t possibly live without a good pair of Aviators. Then I lost my folding Wayfarers and had to replace them.

Ok so maybe it’s due to the fact that I love them all and can’t choose – and also that compared to the prices of other glasses these are about a third of the price, which may have “justified” my multi-purchases. But here we are.
Which are your favorites ?

PS : Have you tried the polarized ones ? Yep ? Don’t.
If you want to be able to look at your phone while keeping your glasses on (WHO DOESN’T), don’t get polarized sunglasses. I guess it protects you better from the sun. But it’s crazy! It changes all the colors in you phone and in one second you feel drunk (it took me at least 5 mn to figure out it was the glasses) (so, weird)(no, not because of the rosé !).
Anyway. Which ones would you pick ?