Scott may or may not kill me when he sees this post as I was the one, a couple of years ago, who strictly forbid him to wear flip flops.

“I can not see you in these shoes, these shoes are evil ! Not chic ! Joker !”
(That’s me talking at the time, picture it with a thick snobby French accent.)

You have jokers too right? In your couple? Like his joker for me are Uggs and short hair, though I’m still planning on cutting my hair one day when he has his back turned.

So, because he is a gentleman, he stopped wearing flip flops.

Imagine the face he made when I started wearing some at the beginning of summer.

Yes. I don’t know what happened (it’s not even like Birks where you know there was a general 360° mind flip this summer and it suddenly went from offender to must-haver) but at the beginning of june I bought a pair in black and a pair in white, and god do I wear them.

I find it chic, cool, minimalist, sexy. Like Emmanuelle !

So, I guess, flip flops, they’re ok for me.
Are they okay for you ?